Frequently Asked Questions

What if we already have the preliminary drawings?

We can review these with you and make any detail changes as needed, from both a function and aesthetic perspective so that you can move forward to finalize this step.

How far in advance should we start the process with you?

Depending on the scope of the project, we recommend that you start the process a minimum of 3 months prior to your hope of starting the design phase. In an ideal world, we would love to connect with you up to a year in advance so that we can ensure your ideal position in the queue of projects.

Do you have trusted builders, contractors, and professional trades that you work with?

Yes, our clients look to us to include only those who meet our high standards in any project that we take on.  We ensure that the work completed will meet and exceed your expectations.

Is hiring your firm a good investment?

Our clients work with us for a number of reasons; they know what they like but they don’t have the expertise or time to make the overwhelming number of selections needed to complete the project; they don’t want to make expensive mistakes – and not know how to fix them once they have; they have a vision for their new space but don’t know where to start; they are concerned with making so many decisions in a timely fashion and holding up or completely stopping the build, which could really add to the cost of the project.

Does your firm actually take care of everything?

Yes! Once we fully understand your vision, we look after everything; present all the finishes and designs to you for your approval; deliver and set up and style every detail right down to the bedding. All you need to do is arrive and enjoy your new space!

Do you have the expertise to provide drawings for permit?

Yes! We do provide these as part of the full-service projects that we take on for our clients.

We already have a builder/contractor that we like. Are you able to work with them?

Absolutely! Although we specialize in full-service projects, we can make all selections; complete all design work and provide the full specification package to your contractor…they love this! They have everything that they need in hand to fully move forward.  We ensure that you have the peace of mind that we will be available, if needed, throughout the construction process. All furniture and accessories, décor & styling are set up once the construction phase is complete.

Will hiring your firm save me time?

We save you time, worry and money by fully understanding your vision and having a clear direction for completing your curated design. We have perfected our process to provide the utmost efficiency and concise, effective communication is our top priority. You get the peace of mind knowing the space that you envisioned will come to life for you to enjoy for years to come.

What if we have some furniture, art, or décor pieces that we would like to include in our new space?

We review these items with you and if they work with your overall vision and the direction of the design, we will incorporate them into the new space as much as possible.  We always leave room in our décor & styling details to include your personal touches.