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Birchview Design team photo in OurHomes magazine

With A Little Help From Our Friends

We were recently honored to be a part of the Our Homes magazine "People" section. We had a lot of fun taking pictures at the Art Gallery.

Check out our story about who we are and what we do and new team photo!

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Cottage Country Connection Article

Concept to Completion

"When building your new home or cottage, speaking with an expert can really ease the stress of planning. With so many choices to make and ideas to put together, a cost-effective decision in the long run is to enlist the help of a professional. A designer will save you time, and help you avoid costly mistakes, making the entire experience stress-free and far more enjoyable - so you can savor the excitement of moving into your dream space."

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Cottage Country Connection Article

Article in Cottage Country Connection

"Before building your new home or cottage it pays to talk to an expert first. With so many decisions to make, ideas to put together and planning to do it’s far more cost-effective in the long run to enlist the help of a professional. It will save you time and you can avoid costly mistakes making the entire experience stress-free and far more enjoyable for you."

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Article featuring Nancy Nickle of Birchview Design in OurHomes

Birchview Design Featured in Our Homes

"Birchview Design offers full design services, interior design and decorating and full build services on a complete home or cottage or renovations. I work with a number of builders and their clients and together we pull together the design dream for our clients and make the whole process a lot less stressful."

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Nancy Nickle posing for a photo in Our Homes article

Nancy Nickle's Article in Our Homes

"For my clients, the key is finding the right style that will make them feel comfortable in their own space and be excited to show it off. It’s important to consider the entire space when redoing any one room so that each room flows into the next. Scale of furnishings is very important; mixing in different textures and repeating certain elements makes for interesting and unique design. Including at least one piece that is a little edgy will make the design memorable."

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Nancy Nickle's article in Kawartha Cottage Magazine

Birchview Design Featured in Kawartha Cottage Magazine

"With her fifteen years of experience in the field, Nickle is well connected with a roster of tradespeople including electricians, plumbers, and cabinet makers doing custom millwork."

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Birchview design chosen to work with win this space winner

Birchview Design To Work With Win This Space Winner

Birchview Design has been chosen as the designer team to work with the winner of Win This Space.

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