Our Process

At Birchview Design, we pride ourselves on our simple approach to design.  As a full-service firm, we take care of every detail – we encourage you to take a peek at our process below!


Initial Consultation

The first step is an in-depth meeting to explore your project goals and design dreams. We discuss everything from lifestyle to design style. Your overall timeline & budget are reviewed and next steps are discussed.


Scope Of Work

Curated to your specific goals, we establish a comprehensive fine-tuned plan of every detail involved. This itemized list simplifies the process, and provides a clear view of the overall scale of the project.


Design Phase

The team works our magic behind the scenes to bring your vision to life. From drawings to décor, the full design is created.



Everything from millwork to paint colours, fabrics, and lighting plans – we cover it all. Any necessary changes are discussed, and a timeline is established. You will leave this presentation with our customized project package, yours to keep.


Construction Phase

All the design details are brought to life through the construction phase, and we are there every step of the way for you.


Staging & Styling

This is the really fun part! The finishing touches truly complete the design, making your house a home.

And finally, enjoy!

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